He made our purchase one of the easiest things we had ever done.

My wife and I hadn’t bought a home in over twenty years. Before we met David, we had looked at over a hundred plus homes in three counties with several agents. These homes didn’t match with what we wanted or with what we might have to do to make them our home. Some agents threw homes at us and their attitudes turn us off at times. When we met David, it was different, he listened to our wants and needs. If we found something on the internet and asked him about it, he would check it out and let us know the particulars of the home and we would make the decision to see it or not. We found our current home by David’s tireless searching. We looked at a few homes that day but the one we bought fit. We asked him to again check it out and get us some information. He followed through as he did before. When we decided on our home, David went through the negotiations, inspections and got us a very good finance firm to work with. I work out of town a lot and it was nice to know someone has your back with something so important. His communication by phone, text and emails kept everything laid out in front of us up to the end of signing. We were very happy to have met David. He gives realtors a better name. He made our purchase one of the easiest things we had ever done when usually it is very stressful. We are very thankful that we met him, for the work he had done finding our new home.

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