Absolutely fantastic!

Absolutely fantastic is the best description. David comes from the ‘get it done’ camp; “don’t ask how the sausage is made, just know that it is being made”. My experience as a buyer with David could not have been better; I picked out a property that he showed me and he immediately took action acting as a proxy between me and the seller. David knew every step of the process that I needed to take, even the parts that weren’t his responsibility. David even took initiative on my behalf with my lender in order to keep the process on track, and it was a lender David hadn’t worked with before AND was a VA loan! David also used his experience and connections to coordinate with my home inspector and the seller for negotiable items found in the inspection; I didn’t do anything but show up and write the inspector a check! Having said all of that; I would add that I (the buyer) didn’t delay when David or my lender asked me for something; I would just get online and grind till I got them whatever information they needed; that is key. However, without David, this deal would have taken much longer and that is for sure. Showing to close in 30 days for a VA loan with all the normal landmarks (showing, inspection, appraisal, final walk through … etc) is about as good as it gets! Thanks David!!!!!

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